Beginnings – Some Words from the Editor in Chief

Dear future readers,

When I was thinking about applying to the University of Edinburgh, I ordered the 2019 copy of From Arthur’s Seat. If the writing in it was good, I thought, I would apply; if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be worth going. The writing was good, and holding the actual book in my hands was a powerful experience that made me want to be part of the programme, so I applied, and, after a lot of back and forth trying to prove to Admissions that I’m capable of speaking English, I got in. ‘I have read the anthology, and I want to be part of it. I’m sure I can make a meaningful contribution,’ I said in my letter of motivation.

Less than half a year later, I was sitting in a still slightly unfamiliar kitchen in Portobello, reading the e-mail that told me I had been appointed Editor in Chief. Actually, I read the congratulatory message from a friend first – she had heard before me. Same as when I got into the university, the predominant feelings were excitement and an almost overwhelming sense of gratitude for a host of amazing opportunities, mixed in with a good deal of anxiety about the upcoming challenges. I would give it my absolute best, and I would use those opportunities well, I promised myself.

Before I applied in Edinburgh, I was doing the M.A. in Creative Writing at the Open University. It is a great programme with brilliant materials and I was learning a lot, so my main motivation for applying here was that I wanted to be part of a writing community, live, write and study together with others in this inspiring literary city. What better way to do that than getting this anthology off the ground? I threw myself right into it, had to manage an application process for the first time in my life, and I am extremely lucky to have ended up with such an amazing team.

They absolutely rock, and it astonishes me every time how much initiative they take and how many great ideas they have. From Arthur’s Seat is a community project. We’re making it happen together, and when it’s finally time for the launch party, we will all know that this is our book, that we own it, and that it wouldn’t be the same without the contribution of every single one of us. I can’t wait to have my own copy, signed by everybody. Have a look at the Meet the Team page and check out their bios – I couldn’t even have imagined a team as amazing as this when I started out. It is an honour to work with you all.

This is a very exciting time, all the texts have come in and the editing is in full swing, plus, we are close to booking a venue for our launch party. Stay tuned to be one of the first people to get your ticket, and make sure you pre-order your copy of From Arthur’s Seat when the feature is available.
See you at the launch!


Published by fromarthursseat

An anthology of short prose and poetry, written, designed and produced by Creative Writing Students at the University of Edinburgh

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