From Arthur’s Seat Volume V Cover Reveal!

The From Arthur’s Seat team is so excited to reveal the cover for Volume V! Our writers and editors have been working tirelessly to make sure our stories are perfect, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share our beautiful cover with all of you.

This years cover was designed by Anna O’Connor. Her ability to create this design while also writing her piece for the anthology shows one example of the dedication by all of the amazing team members working on From Arthur’s Seat.

Here’s what Anna has to say about the cover:

The sentiment behind the title of From Arthur’s Seat – that we have found ourselves, against the geographical odds, drawn together in this place – feels like an urgent little wonder, maybe now more than ever. It’s what links the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and creative visions that have shaped this year’s MSc programme; it’s the foundation upon which we’ve had the privilege of being astonished, challenged, and inspired by each other’s work. I’m so grateful to be here, and in such good company.

The cover design for this year’s From Arthur’s Seat stays faithful to the anthology’s name. The artwork (front and back covers) is multi-layer prints carved from six separate blocks, and in them I hoped to capture some of the scruffy beauty of Holyrood Park. The results surprised me, and I think that’s one of the joys of printmaking. You can never quite tell, when you begin, where the process will lead. In that way it’s like writing, but it’s also a great antidote to writing: it’s tactile and oddly soothing, and your mind goes very quiet while you work. The next time anyone needs a break from the part of their brain where the words are all rattling around, I recommend taking a sharp tool to a block and seeing what happens.

It’s been a pleasure to make the art for this year’s anthology, and I’m honored to have been trusted with it. I hope it does justice to the remarkable writing inside.

Stay tuned for information regarding the release date and purchasing details!

Published by fromarthursseat

An anthology of short prose and poetry, written, designed and produced by Creative Writing Students at the University of Edinburgh

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