Volume IV

This year’s From Arthur’s Seat celebrates the beauty of the path less trodden. Inspired by choose your own adventure books and non-linear novels, Volume IV groups together stories, excerpts, and poems to create ten separate “paths”: collections of three-five companion pieces that work in tandem to tell a larger story. These paths may be followed by the reader to discover secret overarching narratives.

This anthology can be approached in two different ways: forty-two individual stories and poems read conventionally, cover-to-cover, or the larger multidisciplinary stories.

The choice is the reader’s to follow.

In creating these alternative paths, this volume of From Arthur’s Seat puts the choice in the hands of you, the reader. Its purpose is not to create a gimmick, but to suggest new ways of reading the multilayered stories in this anthology.

No matter which path you choose, we hope you enjoy your adventure.