How to Read This Book

The first is the traditional cover-to-cover order; with three sections containing short prose, excerpts, and poetry. The reader may choose to read the entire volume in order, according to their own wishes.

The second method involves following an unusual set of instructions. You may notice that the final page of each story and poem is marked by a coordinate. These coordinates chart separate “paths” that link together three to five stories and poems, to reveal secret overarching narratives hidden inside this anthology. There are ten paths in total, and ten stories to discover. The reader may find, as they follow each path, that many of these seemingly disparate tales transform into unconventional companion pieces.

The reader may follow a path by tracing the coordinates (X, Y) stamped at the bottom center of the final page of each story or poem, with X representing the path number it belongs to and Y representing the page number on which the succeeding story can be found. To follow path X simply flip to the page number outlined in Y.

(X, Y) = (path number, page number)

In creating these alternative paths, this volume of From Arthur’s Seat puts choice in the hands of you, the reader. Its purpose is not to create a gimmick, but rather to suggest new ways of reading the multilayered stories in this anthology. No matter which path you choose, we hope you enjoy your adventure.