Content Warning

From Arthur’s Seat is proud to give full artistic license to its contributors. However, in doing so we find our anthology covering numerous topics, some more sensitive than others. Below you will find all available Content Warnings/List of Sensitive Material from our anthologies.



  • This morning we gather to bury Tom, who was 24 by Eileen Vandergrift
  • The Problem with Trumpets by Abbie Randall
  • Bye, Tereza by Bruna Castelo Branco
  • Jam by Kit Nicholson
  • Buried Heart by Anthi Cheimariou
  • Mum’s Secret by Wren T. Fleming
  • Ordinary Death by Alex Penland
  • Aghast by Hayley Bernier
  • Since You Left the Earth I Have Forgotten How to Cry Out about Anything Else by Hayley Bernier
  • The Christmas Tree by Erin Lyons
  • A Grave Matter by Jake Kendal
  • Chicken Soup by Xuan Liu (Drowning)
  • The Farrier’s Daughter by Skye Wilson (Eating Disorders)
  • the girls are laughing in the gym by Skye Wilson (Eating Disorders)
  • Prayer by Skye Wilson (Eating Disorders)
  • Jack of Hearts by Skye Wilson (Eating Disorders)
  • After by Katherine O’Connell (Suicide)
  • Day by Ruth Brown (Substance Abuse)
  • 11.05AM: A front room in Hyde by Beth Grainger (Substance Abuse & Miscarriage)
  • Salford Ramble by Beth Grainger (Substance Abuse & Miscarriage)


  • Detangle My Night Hair by Marshea Makosa
  • Rotting Supremacies (Champagne in Hand at a House Party) by Marshea Makosa
  • The Apple Tree by Leslie Grollman

Subtle Racism

  • Pickles by Chenshuo Wang


  • How to be an Asshole by Leslie Grollman
  • Portu-gull by Oliver Raymond

Sexual Assault

  • History by Lauren Thurman
  • Sherwood by Lena Kraus

Intrusive Thoughts

  • Stairwell by Michael Howrie
  • Just One Second by Thomas Carroll


  • Jam by Kit Nicholson
  • 3 stories by Wendy Law


  • Ink Beetles by Lola Gaztañaga Baggen
  • Surgery by Abigail O’Neill


  • Changing Room by Anna Jones (Body Shaming)
  • Laurel by Alexa Castillo


  • Aisle Five by Bhavika Govil

Child Abuse

  • Filet-O-Fish by Alexandra Ye


  • Portu-gull by Oliver Raymond


  • Wild Wind by Julia Guillermina